About the Author

Robbi hiking in Yosemite

I was born and live in Northern California equidistant between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Nevada mountains. In addition to writing, I enjoy hiking, gardening, cooking, and theater. I am employed by a major west coast distribution company as a computer specialist and web designer.

Having dreamt of being a writer from a very young age, I have published poems, short stories, and numerous nonfiction articles on topics ranging from cooking to computer science. In 2001, I compiled, edited and published Late Bloomers: Awakening to Lesbianism After Forty, a collection of coming-out stories. Combining my love of writing with my favorite outdoor activity, hiking, I co-authored a hiking guide in 2005 with my life partner. This was published by Gem Guides Books.

In 2008, after a hiatus of over a decade, I returned to my first love, fiction, and wrote a lesbian romance novel, which was accepted for publication by Bella Books. I hope to turn this new success into a long-term second career.